Do you teach preschool, kindergarten, or primary? Make learning fun with projects that teach fundamentals, inspire creativity, and build confidence.

Want computer based teaching ideas for elementary school? Integrate technology with curriculum using innovative projects that engage students.

Looking for computer lesson plans for middle school? Use a project based learning approach to engage students in meaningful activities.

Need computer lessons for middle or high school? Teach advanced skills with projects that prepare students for higher learning and the workplace.

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum K-12 Technology Projects

Integrate Technology into Curriculum with Project-Based Learning

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects. Projects include engaging computer activities for children of all ages. Use our detailed computer lesson plans and resources to teach your students.

Each project includes a teacher guide for curriculum planning, student workbook with handbooks to promote independence, and resources to reinforce learning. Instruction materials are licensed to a school or learning center. An unlimited number of teachers and students can use the lessons.

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TechnoKids technology projects blend ICT and STEM activities into curriculum. Lesson plans use an interdisciplinary approach to integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (plus the arts) into learning.

TechnoKids publishes standards-based curriculum. The technology projects are correlated to Common Core and International Society of Technology Education standards. View the correlation documents.

Aligns To Standards

Project Base Learning

Project-based learning poses real-world challenges that are personally meaningful. Activities engage learners in the inquiry process. They actively construct knowledge to explore solutions. Discover the benefits.


TechnoKids and 21st Century Learning

Computer lessons have students apply knowledge to analyze information, collaborate, solve problems, and make decisions. Discover the benefits to using TechnoKids technology projects:


  • Everyone at your school or site can use the projects
  • Pay one price – number of devices or users does not affect cost
  • No renewal fee
  • Includes teacher guide, workbook and resources
  • Activities are project based
  • Assignments include step-by-step instructions
  • Free curriculum support
  • Resource files are customizable
  • Themes integrate into curriculum units
  • Teach technology skills in a meaningful way
  • Download a project or receive a set on a USB drive
  • Multi-site licence discounts available


Engage Students with Fun Computer Lesson Plans

Interdisciplinary activities target learning objectives from multiple subject areas such as language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, geography, history, visual arts, or drama.


Buy a Project, Set, or Package of Computer Lessons

TechnoKids projects integrate into any curriculum. There are several options:


School Wide

Use the computer lesson plans as a complete program for all students.

School Division

Offer a set of computer lesson plans to a group of children, such as middle school students.

Computer Course

Purchase several projects and use the computer lesson plans to create a course that meets learning objectives.

Curriculum Unit

Select a project that has themed computer activities that integrate into a curriculum unit.

Technology Skill

Select a project with computer lessons for a technology skill, such as spreadsheets.


Developing Computer Activities Since 1993

TechnoKids has been developing projects for over two decades. Our computer activities are written by certified teachers and tested in the classroom to ensure they will work well for your students.

Our Teachers

Observation is the first and most powerful step towards changing teaching practices. Daily observation reveals a wealth of information about students, their competencies and skills, and the work of the teacher.

Paul Croves

Paul Croves

English Teacher
Marko Dugonji

Marko Dugonji

Physics Teacher
Laurie Laforest

Laurie Laforest

Economics Teacher
Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Maths Teacher
Rhoda Byrd

Rhoda Byrd

Botany Teacher
Max Stoiber

Max Stoiber

History Teacher

What's Students Say?

Thousands of students are already studying in Technoclass, it’s time for you to get enrolled. 

We began using TechnoKids Computer Curriculum in 1999. I have always been very impressed with the variety of projects and the team’s ability to make changes in keeping with software updates. The computer lesson plans are fun, challenging, and educational. The materials are a great training tool for both kids and teachers. I highly recommend TechnoKids to all schools.

M. Cole -

Matthews Hall, ON, Canada

I am really impressed with TechnoKids projects! It's great computer curriculum. The assignments are easy to follow and the students learn essential skills.

D. Ekron -

John Knox Christian School, ON, Canada

Our Courses

Our courses offer a good compromise between the continuous assessment favoured by some universities and the emphasis placed on final exams by others.

  • LMS

    By A learning management system is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

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  • TechnoAnimal

    By Create a multimedia report about an animal using step by step Powerpoint lesson plans. Students research an animal and design slides about habitat, appearance, food, young and threats.

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  • TechnoCode

    By TechnoCodeBuild games, puzzles, mazes, animations, stories and more using Scratch 3. Coding lessons for kids. Spark an interest in computer science with STEM lessons. Coders create an activity studio for their friends.

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We work hard to prepare every student for their professional life

Our courses offer a good compromise between the continuous assessment favoured by some universities and the emphasis placed on final exams by others.

TechnoKids News and Blog Posts

Our courses offer a good compromise between the continuous assessment favoured by some universities and the emphasis placed on final exams by others.